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The field entrance is located at 
305 Lakeview Dr. Winterville, GA 30683.  Yup it looks like a driveway go'n to a house.  Go straight and you'll see the sign for the field ahead.  Follow it around the net and you'll see the marked off parking area.

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Scheduled Walk-On Game days
are posted on our Facebook page:
Please contact us if you will need rental equipment for the Scheduled Walk-On Game.
We're only 10 minutes from downtown Athens and the University of Georgia!
Games are by Reservation Only.
Please be sure to make a reservation for your group or party.
Please email us for prices and information:

Nope, we don't have a phone number but we'll be happy to setup a reservation and answer any questions you may have via email.
 We specialize in Birthday Parties, Church Groups, School
Groups, Bachelor Parties and Business Team Building Events.

Gotcha Pump Marker Rental Package
Recommended for players age 8+. This package is perfect for the younger, first-time or casual player!  Gotcha Pumps are air piston powered, shoot a smaller paintball at a lower velocity and have far less sting than their bigger paintball cousins.  Perfect for those that want to enjoy paintball without the sting!

Our rental package includes:  Field Fee, Gotcha Pump Marker, Goggles, 500 Paintballs per player and up to 3 hours of play.
Cobra Semi-Auto Marker 100rd & 500rd Rental Packages

Recommended for players 9+.  This package offers the intermediate Player semi-auto action with far less impact than the BT-4 Markers.  It shoots a smaller .50cal paintball with less impact but, has almost the same range as the bigger marker!  Great for beginners and players that want all the action of paintball without all the sting.

Our rental package includes:  Field Fee, Cobra Semi-auto Marker, Air, Goggles, 500 paintballs per player or, 1000 paintballs per player with up to 3 hours of play.

BT-4 Semi-auto Marker 100rd & 500rd Rental Package
Recommended for players 12+. This package offers the BT-4 Semi-auto Marker!  Capable of 6 - 8 shots per second you'll get your heart pounding as the paintballs wiz by and you let rip a burst in return at your opponents. Firing the full-size .68cal paintballs, you'll know when you get hit and you're opponent will know when your own target.

Our rental package includes: Field Fee, BT-4 Semi-auto Marker, CO2, Goggles, 500 paintballs per player or, 1000 paintballs per player with up to 3 hours of play.
Please email us for additional information and pricing.

Private Games Available 7-Days a Week with Reservation.
Book your Birthday Party, School Group, Church Group, Business Teamwork Day or Bachelor Party today:

Online:  info@athenspaintball.com or 

Please down load and make copies for everyone in your group/party to fill out and bring with them to the field on game day.