Pro Shop

Athens Paintball is always looking for great products that will serve our customers for many years to come.  We do not carry the junk that you will find at the mass-merchant stores.  We try to carry only the best supported equipment available.  If we do not receive get great support from the manufacturer that we can pass on to our customers, we do not carry their products.

 Among our paintball gun line up you will find guns ranging from $75 up to $1000.  We try to carry a variety of paintball guns to suit your playing style and level.  There's no pressure to buy a $700 paintball gun when you're really looking for a once-a-month shooter for $100.  We cannot carry all of the paintball guns out there so if you don't see it on our walls please ask and we will do our best to get it for you.

Fresh Paintballs Guaranteed. We have new shipments of fresh paintballs every 2 weeks directly from the manufacturer.

 Athens Paintball does on-site Repairs! No more sending your gun off and waiting weeks for repairs. We have two or more certified techs for most makes and models.  Please contact us about our bench fees.

 We carry the most popular sizes of CO2 tanks:  9oz, 12oz,16oz and 20oz.  Everyone has a different CO2 need and we try to provide you with the best setup for your needs.  All CO2 tanks purchased from Athens Paintball come with their first fill FREE!

  We carry and fill N2/Compressed Air Systems. Our N2 Systems range from Steel 47cuin 3000psi to Fiber 72cuin 4500psi Systems. All N2/Compressed Air systems purchased from Athens Paintball come with their first fill FREE!

 Other items you will find:  remote hoses, drop forwards, fittings, loader tubes and packs, goggles/masks, o-rings, oil, anti-fog spray, squeegees, barrels, and much, much more!